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gir ddr

aphia_lite in feed_4_4_less

Hello, anybody here

Is this group still active? I think it has lots of potential to keep going strong if we post recipes..is there a ingredient for the month of july?


it has been quiet.

Eggplant is REALLY cheap right now where I am.. and corn is also cheap. I'm sticking with dishes that use them both (and I LOOOVE eggplant!)


I love making baked eggplant :) I take eggplant slices, salt them and let them bead up with the bitter sweat and wipe it off. Then i dip in eggwash, seasoned flour and baked at 350 for about 40 minutes or until tender and crispy :) Is such a treat
Well I really want to keep it active it's just really hard right now with my busy schedule but I'll try better now that I see there are more people that have joined...good to see a new face:)