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Hello Members...Been awhile!

 Sorry everyone that I have not been around in sooooo long! Real life been so hectic since the beginning of Christmas so  please forgive me. I would really like to get the community going again. If any of the members are interested in giving ideas feel free to post them. 

I've actually started trying to cut back on my fat and sugar intake (work has gotten my backside spreading a bit...lol) anyway last night made dinner was really good and pretty cheap and health happy!

Rice and Beef:

Brown Minute Rice (2 serving size boil in a bag)
1lb of extra lean Hamburger meat
1 T of cumin
1 T garlic powder
salt & pepper to taste
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 can rotel tomatoes

Boil rice, brown hamburger meat, add spices, rotel and rice in pan. Cook until bleanded....serve with a salad. Feeds four nicely  

Hope everyone has a great day! Look forward to hearing from everyone...