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Incredibly flexible curry recipe

This is one of my favorite meals to make, and gives me a lot for my grad student money:

Thai curry:

1 can coconut milk (I've got an Asian market nearby where I can get them cheap)
Meat (I tend to use 1/2 chicken thigh filets per recipe), browned
Any vegetables -- I use green peppers, carrots (also cheap and huge at Asian Market), and onions
1/2 cloves garlic, optional
peanuts, also optional
up to 1 T. curry paste
~2 T soy sauce
If you like your curry sweet, you can also add 1-2 T brown sugar.

Brown meat. I like to put the garlic in while I'm doing this. Add coconut milk, curry paste, soy sauce, and brown sugar if desired (I prefer it without). Heat, add vegetables. Stir, serve over rice.

I like this recipe because it's very easy and very flexible. I can add more meat/veg if I want, multiply the recipe easily, and make it up at the last minute. The recipe feeds me and my very hungry boyfriend dinner, sometimes with a helping left over, and makes 4 normal portions. Also, it's fantastically tasty. Additionally, as with any type of stew, you can use whatever meat you like; if you want boneless, you can just let it simmer longer, and pull the meat right off the bone.


Sounds delicious!
Oh WOW you made a recipe that had to do with the recipe challenge...lol! This sounds really good I've got to try it...thanks.